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World Wars 2

World Wars 2

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World Wars 2Game instructions for World Wars 2:
War! That mad game the world so loves to play! You will enjoy playing this mad game in the awesome flash game World Wars 2 presented to you by our awesome website www.flash-game.net! Your goal is getting control of all territories on the map. (What an ambition!) You can choose the map and army freely. Please notice your units are always on a blue territory and when you choose the map, choose carefully. The more connected the territories, the easier for you to win. (You receive the reinforcements according to how many territories are connected.) You can decide the number of players. (No, you can’t choose only one player.) There are two kinds of cards, defense and attack. (Defense cards include retreat, fortification and mine field cards. Attack cards include panzer, artillery and air raid.) People say war does not determine who is right – only who is left. Be tough. Be the last one!

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